The #1 Stretch To Do In The Morning
The "90/90" Kneeling Stretch
One of the best stretches you can do in the morning is the "90 90 Kneeling Stretch" with Side Bending.

Perform 2 repetitions on each side with each stretch held for 20 seconds.

Instruction: Get into a 90 90 kneeling position with back foot flat on the ground. Bring the arms straight overhead with your palm facing inwards.

Do a side bending by bringing the pelvis out and bending through the back. To intensify the stretch, you can bring the heel out to the side a little bit. You are looking for a light stretch in front of your quads (rectus femoris) and deep in your hip/back area (psoas muscle).

Hold the stretch for 20 seconds and perform twice on each side.
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